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Examples of Dance Packages Available

Corporate Dance providing a salsa classCompany Dance Workshops and Dancing Classes (of any type to meet your needs)

We can provide pretty much any kind of dance class, dancing event or dance workshop. It's completely open ended. You tell us what you need and we will come up with an appropriate dance solution. Below is just a brief sample of the type of dance solutions we have provided and could provide for you. We have included these just to give you a taste of what you may like to have, or to give you spark for an idea of something different you'd like.

IMPORTANT: If you don't see here what you'd like to do, don't worry. This is just a sample of dance workshops. We can pretty much create any kind of dance class or workshop based on any style. Just contact us to discuss it.

Example Dance Workshops

  • Ballroom Dancing Class

    • Ballroom is great for a fun yet sophisticated dance class.
    • They are all partner dance styles so participants will dance as couples. We will ensure that everyone swaps partners regularly to bond the whole team together.
    • Also see our Strictly Come Dancing Dance Package
  • Thriller Dance ClassLearn a Dance Routine - Choreography Classes

    • This is probably our most popular class.
    • Suitable for all dance abilities
    • We teach you all a routie to your chosen song
    • Classes are normally around 2 hours long.
    • And a whole lot of fun!
  • Secret Dance Routine

    • How about we teach you a routine to a song and not tell anyone!
    • You choose the song and/or dance style
    • We give you a couple of secret lessons to learn the routine
    • On your corporate event/night you can then jump up and dance an awesome routine to your chosen song. Jaws will hit the floor!
    • A twist on this is to have one of our teachers there and they 'randomly' pick you to do a dance... which ends up being epic!
  • Salsa Dance Classes

    • Salsa is forever popular.
    • We'll get everyone dancing with everyone as you swap partners as the lesson progresses.
    • You'll learn some of the basics and put the moves together as you go.
  • Disco Dancing Dance Class

    • Who doesn't love cheesy disco tunes?!
    • We'll teach routines to disco songs as a workshop or class at an event
  • Line Dance class with HestonLine Dancing Dance Class

    • Line Dancing isn't all Country & Western styled these days. You can line dance to plenty of modern pop songs too.
    • This is very popular for big evening events
  • Flamenco Dance Class

    • This is more specialised and so tends to work for smaller groups
  • Ceilidh Dance Package

    • Awesome ice breaker for large events. You need at least 80 people to get a Ceilidh going

In brief:

  • Dance workshops are normally from 1 to 4 hours long
  • Standard dance classes are based on a chosen dance style or to learn a routine to a song.
  • Disco dancing is great for small groups.
  • Salsa and ballroom are the most popular style for the larger classes.
  • Line Dancing is great for a 1 hour class or event (it can be longer, but it is tiring).
  • Prizes - Quite often our clients also like our teachers to give a prize to the best male & best female (you can supply the prizes).

Very popular dance workshops for the larger corporate events are our Ballroom Dancing - Strictly Come Dancing - Dance Package and our Line Dancing Dance Class. For a Mediterranean feel how about our Flamenco Dance Workshop. For smaller groups how about our Disco Dancing Dance Classes.

Examples of other available packages:

  • Standard Dance Class
    From 1 to 4 hours in length and catering for 1 person through to 300+ people. They can be held pretty much anywhere, from a dance studio to a hall or ballroom (even outdoors).
  • Choreographed Routine
    A financial company in London had an end of year party at which 5 directors had to do a choreographed routine to 'The Time Warp' from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • Varied Dance Classes
    An accountants, also in London, had a corporate entertainment weekend away near High Wycombe and required a dance teacher to do dance lessons throughout the weekend for different groups who then competed against each other on the final evening.
  • Weekly Dance Lessons
    An IT company in Reading has put on weekly dance lessons for employees to learn to dance.
  • X-Factor style Dance Off
    A client had a weekend jolly in an exclusive venue for it's top consultants and required 6 dance teachers to provide 3 different style dance workshops. They then had an X-Factor type competition at the end with directors as judges.

Other ideas:

  • Dance workshops/lessons for the families of employees (children included)
  • One off dance workshop on a week day evening.
  • Dancing competition - We show you, then you copy what you saw, and we (or you) then score the results.
  • This list is endless.

Call us up and we'll be more than happy to chat to you... 0208 133 6040.

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