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Line Dancing - Example Dance Package

Corporate Dance providing a Line Dance classLine Dancing dance class

Line Dancing has moved on since Achy Breaky Heart and the Blanket On The Ground days! Now we line dance to almost every music genre there is: - Pop, Latin, Irish, Easy Listening to name a few.

We are finding that line dancing is very popular for large corporate events. Attendees/delegates always have a great time and we receive awesome feedback about our dance class, even from the initial sceptics.

Line Dancing music

How many songs we teach dances to depends on the size of the group and how well we get on as this will determine how many dances we can teach in the timeframe. Generally though in the hour we do between 4 and 5 dances so these are a sample of the tracks we would normally use.

This Must Be Love - Alan Jackson
Let's Go Girls - Shania Twain
Busy Being Fabulous - The Eagles
Salty Dog Blues - Groovgrass Boys
You Got What It Takes - Van Morrison
Chocolate(Choco Choco) - Soul Control
Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing - Brooks and Dunn
Duelling Banjos - Daily Planet
Chill Factor - DJ Bobo
Don't Feel Like Dancing - Scissor Sisters

Corporate Dance providing a Wild West Line Dance classSample Line Dancing event

Duration: 1 hour
Attendees: Easily up to 200+ (many more if you have more support teachers/dancers)
Dance Teachers: 1 plus 2 support dancers

Note: For a large line dancing dance class the main teacher will head up the event and will lead the instruction from a stage or other raised platform. Support teachers/dancers are there to be up on stage or to mingle.


Any venue can be suitable for this, from a dance studio to a large conference room/banquet hall.

Line Dancing Dance Workshop: Approx 1 hour

For most corporate clients we tend to do pretty basic line dancing moves. Each dance is broken down into steps and you learn a few moves at a time. First 8 moves, then add another 8, then do all 16, then add another 8 and so on until the dance is learnt. We then do the dance to each direction as required. Two walls if its a two wall dance, four if it's a four wall dance (this is where you do part of the dance facing one way before dancing around to face another direction). You will probably do the dance twice, once to a slower paced song and then to a song track of the speed that the dance is normally danced to. And off we go!! An hour usually gives you enough time to learn four to five different line dances.

Pricing and booking

If you would like example pricing for the above, or if you have a similar requirement, please don't hesitate to call us and we'll be more than happy to chat to you... please contact us.

We hope to dance with you soon.

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