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Disco Dancing Classes for Companies

Disco Dance ClassDisco dance workshops and classes

Disco dance is always a favourite. Everyone has a top tune from the 70's, 80's or 90's that with out fail will get them up on the dancefloor. In this workshop we teach you all routines to whatever your favourite disco tracks are.

Quite often just one song is chosen so that a full routine to that song can be learnt. In this way whenever that song is played in the future, your group will remember the day and the routine!

It's also the perfect excuse for Fancy Dress!

Disco Dance workshops

  • Great as the relaxing/fun part of an away day.
  • Participants can be put into groups to learn different songs and then have a dance off as the finalé.

Disco Dance Classes

  • Great at an evening event to get everyone up on the dancefloor before the disco.
  • Works as an icebreaker like no other!

Disco Dancing music

We can teach you a routine to any disco dance track you like. A few popular examples are:

  • Stayin Alive - Bee Gees (YouTube John Travolta video)
  • Do the Hustle - Van McCoy (don't know it? See video here - YouTube 'Do the Hustle')
  • You Never Can Tell - Chuck Berry from Pulp Fiction twist contest
  • Grease Medley
  • Hot Stuff - Donna Summer (from the Full Monty)
  • What A Feeling - Irene Cara (from Flash Dance)
  • Don't Stop Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson
  • Le Freak - Chic

Thriller Disco Dance ClassThe list is endless and entirely up to you which disco songs we dance with you to.

Sample Disco Dancing Class

Normally for groups with limited time or at an event where an icebreaker is ideal
Duration: normally 1 to 2 hours
Participants: From 8 to 50 Participants, but can be up to 200+.
Everyone up on the dancefloor can learn a routine to a chosen song
Dance Teachers: 1 teacher plus possible support dancers

Sample Disco Dancing Dance Workshop

Duration: normally from 2 to 4 hours
Participants: Great for small groups. Normally from 5 to 25 per teacher. Easily up to 200+.
Different groups can learn different songs or routines and then have a dance-off together at the end.
Dance Teachers: 1 teacher per group
Each group will need their own room for practicing

VenueCompany Disco Dance Workshop

Any large room can be suitable for Disco, from a dance studio to a hotel ballroom or conference room. We have even danced in a marquee and a garden. If you're dividing into groups, each group will need their own room to learn & practice in.

In summary...

Unless it's a song that already has an associated dance, we will create a great unique routine for you to all dance to. Normally the routines will be suitable for all abilities (unless you specify otherwise). Disco is a great way of getting everyone moving around together. Naturally the songs we tend to dance to are 'feel good' tracks and so a grin on everyone's face is all but guaranteed. We're more than happy to take ideas from participants if you're wanting them to interact more as part of a team building event.

You may also wish to provide prizes for our teacher to award to the best/funniest/stiffest dancer.

This could be you...

Disco Dancer!

Pricing and booking

If you would like example pricing for the above, or if you have a similar requirement, please don't hesitate to call us and we'll be more than happy to chat to you... please contact us.

We hope to boogie with you very soon.


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